There are around 30,000 asylum seekers in Britain and a huge percentage of those are living in food poverty, suffer from ill health and aren’t able to afford the basics such as clothing, food and nappies. Their safety is put at risk on a regular basis, especially women, more than a fifth of which have experienced some sort of sexual violence here in the UK.

What makes it worse is that most asylum seekers coming to the UK aren’t allowed to work, having to rely on state support to survive. This means they’re unable to work their way out of their living situation, and remain trapped between a rock and a hard place until their status is changed.

To give you a better idea of what this reality looks like, see if you can guess how much an asylum seeker has to live on each day.

By signing this petition set up by Refugee Action, we can fight to change the law that stops asylum seekers from working; giving these people the right to support themselves, use their skills and live in dignity.  

To learn more about how you can help refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and abroad, visit our page full of practical suggestions.