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Upcoming birthday? Fathers’ day? Or simply an opportunity to be kind to yourself? Whatever the excuse, we’ve rounded up some shopping therapy to not only give you that post-gift glow but which, in turn, helps out a refugee. Imagine, if you will, perusing the following 5 aisles of a virtual shop:

1. Food

Shameful admission alert – until recently I’d never ordered, let alone eaten, a 2am kebab. I was a chicken burger and cheesy chips kinda girl. Fortunately my horizons have since been expanded, along with the rise of middle eastern food in the UK. If you fancy an insight into the people on the frontline of this social change, check out this book written by refugees about the heritage of the humble takeaway (all profits go back into charitable work).

Takeaway Heritage book cover
Credit: Refugee Radio

2. Drink

Alternatively, do you know a socially conscious foodie? How about getting them an international recipe book peppered with tips and memories from refugees? All profits go to Samos Volunteers, running the Greek island’s only refugee community centre offering language classes, laundry facilities and other vital services.

You order yourself that Oreo double chocolate milkshake (if you haven’t, where have you been all your life?) but then the unmistakable taste of cardboard enters your mouth. The soggy texture on your tongue gives you an equally soggy expression on your face… A problem we’ve all started facing, right?

Never fear, reusable drinking straws are here! And what’s more they are totally on trend, made with a stylish (and as it happens, incredibly hygienic) copper. Buy these beauties and your proceeds fund the important work of Refugee Support Europe.

Copper mug and straws
Credit: Rural Handmade via Amazon

More of a tea person?

However you take your tea,
why not buy it plastic-free,
from someone who employs a refugee…

Poetry game strong 💪 Check out the good stuff Nemiteas are doing and selling.

3. Cycling

Not only can you pedal around safe in the knowledge that you are saving the planet, but you could also help others get cycling in the same (slightly less polluted) breath. The Bike Project sell funky refurbished bikes, tonnes of accessories and even offer individual or corporate bike servicing. To quote them:

“…one £300 bike gives us enough cash to supply not one but three refugees with not just a bike, but also lock, lights and helmet to keep them safe on the mean streets of London. Win-win-win.”


4. Art

Deliver some impact to your home interiors or help tell a message in your meeting room. Check out these great pieces by talented refugee artist Salam Noah, and hear his story in the process.

Wall hung painted canvas
Just Another Refugee. Credit: Salam Noah via Care4Calais.org

5. Window Shopping

Want to browse a wider range of products all in one place? Why not have a look at clothes by Birdsong or all sorts of bits and bobs over at Donate4Refugees.

Really don’t need anything yourself but would still like to revel in that post-purchase high? Shop directly for refugees here.

Happy Shopping!

The Hatch Team

Featured image by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash