How You Can Help Refugees And Asylum Seekers

Help a refugee: here’s how

By 2050, there will be 1 billion displaced people in the world. Without a home, legal status or governmental support they need our help. Follow the advice below on how to support refugees and asylum seekers both in the UK and beyond.

When buying gifts for refugees at Choose Love, 100% of your donation goes straight to supporting frontline services where refugees are facing filthy, freezing and unsecured conditions.

Although buying practical items like warm clothing, tents, nappies and sleeping bags doesn’t seem like much in the way of solving the refugee crisis, it’s about providing some humanity.

You can also donate phone credit for refugees and asylum seekers who are separated from home so that they can get in touch with their families, communicate with support agencies, and stay safe.

Got a spare room? Why not share it with a refugee who needs a roof over their head and make them feel more welcome in the UK at the same time?

Refugees At Home is a UK-based charity that connects people who have a spare room in their home with asylum seekers and refugees in need of accommodation. To find out more about what it’s like to live with a refugee, check out the testimonials. Some of the stories are really heartwarming!

Go one step further: set up a hosting scheme in your area to provide accommodation and support to destitute asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants using this toolkit.

Not ready for that kind of commitment? Not a problem. You can also simply write them a letter that can make all the difference in helping refugees feel more welcome.

Use your skills in the kitchen to cook up a storm and feed hot, nourishing meals to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

Not a master chef? That’s ok! Why not learn how to cook an international recipe whilst practising a different language and learning about other cultures at the same time? Attend one of Migrateful’s open classes this month and not only will you realise your dream of obtaining the coveted MasterChef title, but you’ll also be supporting refugees and asylum seekers to break down employment and linguistic barriers!

Cooking not your cup of tea? Well, why not connect with a newly arrived refugee or asylum seeker in your area and spend a couple of hours every fortnight showing them around where you live?

Everyone should have the right to work, no matter where they come from. Forbidding people seeking asylum in the UK to seek employment puts many at risk of homelessness and poverty. Sign the petition to #LiftTheBan and end the hostile environment.

Refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in the UK face linguistic barriers that prevent them from pursuing their studies, getting into work, and building relationships with those around them. But there are many challenges to enrolling in English classes, including long waiting lists that can last up to three years, gender barriers, distance, and much more.  

In fact, recent research shows that 73% believe that refugees speaking English can benefit local communities and the UK as a whole. Write to your MP to call on them to support the campaign to let refugees learn English.