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Got a spare room in your home and wondering what on earth you should do with it? Well, why not share it with someone who needs a roof over their head?

In the UK, there are currently over 30,000 asylum seekers who are at severe risk of homelessness. They’re forced to survive on £35.39 and are forbidden from seeking employment. A large percentage of the 320,000 people recorded as homeless are refugees and asylum seekers, and death rates are at record levels.

It’s a grim picture. But, there is hope. Because people like you (who happen to have a spare room) can have a real impact on someone’s life by hosting them in your home.

Here’s four services and toolkits that are built to make it easy for you to host a refugee or rough sleeper!

1. How to host a refugee or asylum seeker

Refugees At Home is a UK-based charity that connects people who have a spare room in their home with asylum seekers and refugees in need of accommodation. It’s totally flexible, depending on how long your room is available for and completely safe too!

These guys have managed to set up 100,000 hosted nights so far. Pretty amazing, huh?

To find out more about what it’s like to live with a refugee, check out the testimonials. Some of the stories are really heartwarming!

2. How to host a young person experiencing homelessness

Nightstop provides a bed for the night for young people who need it with the help of a community of volunteers.

By hosting a young person through Nighstop, you could be helping someone avoid the risk of abuse when sleeping rough or staying in unsuitable accommodation, and make a huge difference to the young people in crisis.

Every year over 600 people open up their homes to young people – you could be one of them!

3. How to host a rough sleeper if you’re a landlord (and live in Birmingham…)

Homeless Rooms Birmingham is a service that matches people affected by homelessness with quality-assured social landlords who have empty rooms available.

Given that there are up to 1,500 empty supported accommodation rooms in Birmingham every night while the homeless population continues to rise, your empty room could make a real difference! Check out this guideline to find out if you can host a homeless person.

4. Use a simple toolkit to set up a hosting scheme in your area

Although hosting a refugee or destitute migrant is obviously an incredible thing to do, why not try going one step further? Set up a hosting scheme in your area to provide accommodation and support to destitute asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants using this toolkit.

There’s loads of other things you can do to help refugees and rough sleepers locally and nationally. Check out our guide to helping rough sleepers and our guide to helping refugees and asylum seekers.

Featured image credit: Refugees At Home.