Disposing of litter is a tricky old thing. Sometimes there isn’t a bin around. Other times bins that are available are full to the brim. Many of us see the drain as a suitable dumping ground, mainly for cigarette butts it seems. Even when we think we’re littering responsibly, that often isn’t the case, and a lot of our carefully considered litter ends up finding its way to the ocean. Just for perspective, around 300 tonnes of litter are scooped out of the Thames every year.

Here’s four things you can do to help keep that litter off the streets and out of our waterways:

1. Find a bin and use it

If you see some litter, pick it up and put it in a bin. We know the litter might not necessarily be yours, but we’ve all got to go a little out of our way to make a difference. If the bin is full, find another one or take your litter home. DON’T PUT IT ON TOP OF OR NEXT TO THE BIN, SILLY. Ahem. Simple stuff, but sometimes overlooked.

2. Get to know your community and clean your streets at the same time.

Join the Great British Spring Clean from 22 March to 23 April 2019 to help raise awareness about littering and cleaning our streets. Find your local clean-up group or go one step further and host one yourself.

3. Document litter spots

You can now take photos of the litter you see in your area and upload them to an app called Littergram. It’ll alert councils to litter grot spots so they can clear up the mess.

Improving the environment one social media pic at a time.

4. Take part in the viral #TrashTag challenge

Who doesn’t love a social media movement? Take on the #TrashTag challenge by posting before and after pictures of an area of litter you’ve tidied up. It’ll help raise awareness of the issue of litter worldwide, and also contribute to your community. Check out this selection of people who have done it so far around the world.