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Sometimes you want reassurance that something will work before you spend time and energy on it. And this fact is especially true when it comes to climate change, it’s too big an issue not to get it right. The following examples show you that great things can happen off the back of taking action, both big and small, offering up a boat load of inspiration should you be looking for a failsafe way to make a difference. 

1. Demand change on a worldwide scale

Emailing people in positions of power might not feel like a big deal when doing it alone, but driving change is more than possible when tackling things collectively. WWF did just that, rallying almost half a million people to email the Tanzanian president asking for stronger protection of the Selous Game Reserve and its endangered animals. See what they managed to achieve by working together

2. Rise up as a community to get rules and decisions changed

Equally, if you feel like decisions are being badly made at a more local level, you may feel helpless as an individual, but you’re not. You can rest assured that if you’re questioning something, others will be too, and social media makes it easier than ever to rally the troops, join forces and get your voice heard. See how this community united to stop the construction of one of the world’s largest power plants, and blocked future mega-polluting projects with a change in law. The power of the people is stronger than you think. 

3. Make a difference with your food waste

Every year, we waste 18 million tonnes of food in the UK, requiring huge amounts of land and resources to dispose of, not to mention the energy used to create it in the first place. Minimising what you waste at home is one easy, manageable way to help this issue, or why not try out one of the many cafes springing up that are using wasted food in their dishes. If you don’t have one nearby, do your bit by downloading the Olio and Too Good to Go Apps instead, allowing you to share and source unwanted food in your local neighbourhood. Check out their impressive stats on the positive effects so far:

Olio, August 2019
Too Good to Go, August 2019

4. Green energy is turning the tide

Green energy is finally coming into its own, with more electricity now being generated from clean energy sources than fossil fuels in the UK. While the admin involved might be off-putting, switching up your energy provider to a green one is a change you can make that won’t feel any different. Find out how to get going.

5. Turn your back on fossil fuels

This is where you can make a big difference, and ideally where everyone should focus their energy if they want to be part of real change. And although it sometimes feels like a fool’s errand, there’s proof that it can be done. In June 2017, Cape Town announced that they’re divesting from fossil fuel assets, the first city in the Global South to do so, stating that it’s not only a moral decision, but a financial one too. Check out how members of the public played a role in bringing this momentous change to light. There’s progress being made in the UK too, and this lovely newsletter will keep you abreast of all the steps being taken, both here and around the world. 

We appreciate that this step still seems daunting, but one question to ask yourself is who’s going to go after the big companies if you don’t? Here we break down the power you have as an individual to push these companies to change, so we can all start feeling a little less hopeless. 

And for now, a quick run down of what you can do in your neighbourhood to say goodbye to fossil fuels forever: 

6. Change something in your local community

We love the inspiring stories from local communities contained within this document, and think it’s an ideal place for a little inspiration when wanting to affect change in your local community.  Think village energy days and the creation of safe pavements on busy roads to encourage walking. Have a read and see if a particular idea grabs your interest – you’re far more likely to succeed if you pick something that excites you.

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